Dianncers Angel
75px-Cavalo_Arabe_REFON.jpg This user likes Arabian horses.

Hi, My name is Kat.
I'm 15 years old.
I live in a town in South Australia, and I used to volenteer for Riding for the Disabled.
I loved working with the horses, and had a close bond with a paint horse named Mozzie.
Horses have been my life since I was a young girl, and they are still a huge part of it.

I'm a writer.
I write a series of books called Waterhole Creek, it's about a village located in outback Western Australia.
There are horses in these books as well.
The main horses are called Ripper, Sunday, Manie and Gullie.
Other horses that have been metioned are Sunset, Ebony, Kelsey, Shadow, Patch, Honey, and lots of others.

I also study gems and want to be a gemmologist when I leave school.
My favourite gemstone is a pink Chalcedony Agate.
There are so many different types of gemstones and minerals, and each have an exellence about them.

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