Thundercloud Chapter IV

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The day of the race dawned bright and clear. From the Magee Stables, Cosmonaut, Purim, and Thundercloud were being raced. Cosmonaut, pride of the stables, had all the energy and morale he needed for a good race. However, the odds were all for a Thoroughbred stallion named Xchanger, and not far behind were High Finance and Gottcha Gold. The filly Hysterical Lady did not seem to have much on her side. Other racers were Unbridled Belle, Wanderin Boy, and Firebird, also going for his first major race.

Stanley mounted Thundercloud and May held the reins. “Stanley, make him win, will you?” she said looking into his eyes. Stanley smiled and said gently, “I’ll try my best.”

Thundercloud snorted as Stanley gave May one more look before riding Thundercloud toward the gates. He cringed when he realized that Thundercloud and he were the furthest to the right. May hurriedly went to the spectator area, and watched Thundercloud and Stanley. The gates suddenly opened, and the Thoroughbreds were off!

Thundercloud surged ahead and gained ground quickly, leaving the other racers further and further behind. As they galloped around the first two turns, Thundercloud was not to be challenged as he galloped with all the spirit and zest that was characteristic of him. He was the only black stallion, and it seemed he wanted to show that.

As they approached the 3.0 mark, Cosmonaut began to stealthily gain on Thundercloud. Xchanger galloped neck to neck with Cosmonaut, and High Finance began to gain ground with Gottcha Gold hugging near him.

Thundercloud had a strong lead, and his muscles pumped furiously as he fought to keep ahead of Xchanger and Cosmonaut who threatened his lead. The crowds cheered their favorite horse on. May silently said, “Go, Thundercloud! This is your chance!”

As they neared the last turn, Firebird surged ahead and quickly overtook Gottcha Gold. High Finance was not so easy to overtake, as he also galloped for all he was worth, inching his way after Xchanger and Cosmonaut.

Xchanger pushed forward and finally passed Cosmonaut. He began gaining a lead and pushing his way toward Thundercloud. Soon they were neck and neck, and Cosmonaut was fighting his way forward not far behind. Firebird was fleet, but he could not match Thundercloud, Xchanger, or Cosmonaut.

As they neared the finish line, Thundercloud put on a new burst of speed and swung through the finish line with a clear first lead. Xchanger followed suit, followed by Cosmonaut who was now neck to neck with Xchanger. Firebird sped through the finish line in fourth place and Wanderin boy came in fifth. Gottcha Gold grabbed sixth, Hysterical Lady made it to seventh, and Unbridled Belle took eighth.

Thundercloud pranced around as he was praised excessively for his success. May threw her arms around him and praised him. “Stanley, you’re a brick!” she exclaimed.

He laughed. “He has the stamina, not I.”

In front of all those present, Thundercloud reared and neighed. May watched in awe at his power and majesty. He had never done that before. Then she came to her senses and knew he could be dangerous if he did that.

“Thundercloud, you’re not supposed to do that,” she scolded. As Stanley dismounted, May led the prancing stallion into his stall.

She gave him a sugar cube. “Thundercloud, will you forgive us humans for treating you badly before?” She meant it with her heart, though she knew that no matter how much she hated it, there would still be some wicked people who would abuse horses, send them to slaughter, and abduct them cruelly from their wild horse lands.

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