Symbolism Of Beauty

Symbolism of Beauty

Author: N'Djamena Marmon
Date: June 17, 2007
Category: Fiction, Short Story

Beauty can melt the soul, and beauty inspires imagination and ambition. Beauty is peace, and beauty is love; for a dove is peace, a dove is love, and a dove is beauty. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness, but will still keep a bower quiet for us, and a sleep full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.

Loveliest of creatures, a horse of strength and beauty inspires the soul and sparks the imagination. It is an inspirer of peace and love, the glory of galloping hooves and flowing mane, with muscles rippling in the shining sun or brilliant moon, a powerful snort and a lingering neigh.

Estella’s parents had just separated, and she had just had a row with her best friend. In desperation, she flung her school bag on the table and went out to the pasture where was her only true companion, her only true friend. With a quiet whistle, her black Arabian mare, Sapphire, trotted gracefully to the fence and nickered quietly as Estella petted her soft muzzle. Mounting the mare, the two trotted out of the pasture and into the hills. At the shimmering river, Estella dismounted and let her mare go. Sapphire quietly grazed beside the river in the green, lush grass. She swished her tail contentedly and raised her head to look at Estella. With a nicker, the mare walked to her young friend and muzzled her.

The azure river bubbled graciously, delicately, and a soft breeze blew through the quivering trees. The fiery ball that was the sun sank, and the bubbling river turned gold, like a river of gold in a land of gold. It shimmered and shined, and Sapphire’s jet-black coat turned tinted gold, and her eyes were eyes of fire. She galloped and frolicked in the gold land, where the sunset sun cast its last good night on the river, the land and trees, and the beautiful creature, Sapphire.

Soon the twinkling stars lit up the dark night sky, and shooting stars sped across the dark emptiness. A coyote sent up a lone howl, but Sapphire and Estella were riding up the darkened hills, with Sapphire gracefully picking her way up, galloping, with her mane and tail elegantly flowing. Her shiny coat glistened in the moonlight of the golden moon rising in the east. At the top of the rise, Sapphire stopped, with her head erect, as the soft zephyr amused itself with her mane. The moon lit up the land as if daylight, and the stars gave way to its supremacy. Estella dismounted, realizing that she had found ultimate peace, harmony with nature, beauty, and love of life.

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