Pegasus Pictures

I had an idea. What if, through online collaboration, ordinary people, like you and I, could get together, and use what we have and what we know, to create movies, like dramatizing a book?

I have written several books (all about horses, lol), and what if one person came with a clip of wild mustangs that seems to fit perfectly into the story line, another has a trick horse that knows how to rear, another (like me!) is an excellent bareback rider, another is expert at animations and special effects, and another has a band and knows just what type of music would fit in. Now if all could get together and contribute, we might just have something up our sleeves!

So here I am going to try to put my idea into action, placing my books and allowing others (like you) to place their books (only about horses) here.

How this is going to work:
1. A page is made that is the same name of your book or story.
2. On that page the following will be done: a link that leads to another page that is the typed-out book or story (no external links, please); a link titled "Name of book: Movie clips needed"; a link titled "Name of book: Music needed"; a link titled "Name of book: Special effects needed"; and 4 more links being the following: Like the above titled only instead of "needed" will be "submitted" and another link saying "Name of book: Miscellaneous." XD I suppose you are confused; so am I.

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