New Features

We are working on many new features, features that are sometimes just ideas that we need your help to put into reality, as we do not have all the technical expertise we would like.


We're planning on expanding the V-book section to encourage amateur and professional book writers to add their books virtually here.

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Userboxes and Project page template

We would like to be able to have template where a little piece of code can be put into the page to show the template. Such is done in Wikipedia for Project Templates as well as userboxes. We're trying to figure out this code, but it would be easier if someone out there that is a programming guru can do it. :-)

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Customize site

With a certain degree of CSS working, the top bar and the rest of this site could be customized to feature horses and other such equine colours and graphic. For us, CSS is still too mind boggling to attempt this. :P

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Personal Horse Game

We have this idea that if a game could be a feature of Equiki. This game would be a horse breeding game where everyone can have a virtual horse and breed the horse and sell horses. Unfortunately, we don't have the technical expertise to ingrain such automatic capability into this wiki, but maybe someone will come along and be able to do it all.

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