How to Gentle a Wild Horse

Wild horses are wonderfully sophisticated, intelligent, and social beings. Growing up in a wild herd, the horse learns manners, cooperation, respect, and a deep understanding of movement and body language. Only one thing stands between them and a loyal, lifelong bond with you: FEAR.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself… -Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Once you have earned the horse's trust and loyalty, they are ready to be trained just like any domestic horse - plus they have the added advantages of all the wisdom and savvy that they have learned from their life in the wild. Even young horses with only a few months in the wild are better off for the experience! As Jerry Tindell says, "They were born into a Black Belt Family!"


There are a wide range of "natural" humane approaches to gentling wild horses.

Each horse is unique, as is each horse handler. You may find that some methods work better for you and your horse than others. You may feel more comfortable with certain methods than with others. What may work best for an expert may not be useful for a beginner who lacks the experience and background to understand the techniques.

Horse Psychology, as it relates to taming and training wild horses

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