A mare (from an old Germanic word, possibly derived from Gaulish) is an adult female horse; the young female is a filly. The word mare is an etymological root of marshal (originally Latin marescalcus 'horse servant', or stable hand).

The word can also be used for other female equine animals.


Mares are considered easier to handle than stallions. However, mares have a notorious, if sometimes undeserved, reputation of being "marish," meaning that they can be cranky or unwilling on the ground or under saddle, especially when they come into season. Due to this, many amateur riders prefer geldings. However, there are many riders who prefer mares because they generally try very hard for their rider, perhaps more so than the average gelding. Some mares may also be placed on hormone therapies, such as Regumate or herbal remedies, which are believed to help control their "marish" behavior. (Wikipedia)

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