Help Save The Horses - Fight Horse Slaughter

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I carried you through history, I carried you through time.

You rode me through battle, and I never asked why.

You tamed my spirit, at least you thought you did.

I still have my spirit, my will to live.

You may think you have won my soul when you cut my throat,

Well let me just say my spirit will always live on.

The horses' spirit will never be tamed although our necks are cramped with chains,

You humans are so silly to think that we would give in,

But no, our spirit will live on.

We are strong!

You think that we are weak because you can see our bones.

No, we are not weak we are quite strong.

You will never understand how we can live on,

Our bodies may die but our souls live on.

I have run free with no worries

I have never bothered you

But I know I deserve to be free

My love ones taken away

My spirt gone with the wind

I just want to be FREE

Bring my spirt back

Run with the wind to where I will find, to where I will be free with no worries

I wanta run with the wind

I wanta fell free

but thats what I dream

I wanta run with the wind

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