Equus Survival Trust

To go the the trust's website go to http://www.equus-survival-trust.org/

The Equus Survival Trust, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is dedicated to helping conservation efforts of over 25 endangered breeds. It is dedicated to protecting the genetic diversity of these historic breeds, as well as to enhance their survival breeds by educating the world, using media support and grassroots networking.

Purpose of the Trust

The Trust is a rare breed organization that specializes in the collective conservation of rare breed horses, ponies and donkeys in the North America as relates to domestic and global populations.

The beneficiaries of its work will be breeders, rare breed associations, the horse industry at large, the general public and most importantly, the endangered breeds.

The Equus Survival Trust is establishing a rare breed network, an extensive web site and an advisory panel to be the collective voice of the North American rare breed registries and associations. By bringing some 25 North American rare breed registries and their associated breeders under the unified umbrella of the Equus Survival Trust, they will have greater power to effect conservation changes on behalf of their respective endangered breeds without depleting the valuable resources of individual breeders and their breed associations.

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