Equine Coat Color Genealogy

Base colors:
Extension gene, dominant. E / e
EE Jet Black??? (Fadeproof)
Ee Black??
ee chestnut

Agouti gene, dominant. A / a (Only affects black)
E– A– Bay
E– aa Black

Cream gene, incomplete dominant. Ccr / C
E– aa CcrC Smoky Black
E– A– CcrC Buckskin
ee CcrC Palomino
E– aa CcrCcr Smoky Cream
E– A– CcrCcr Perlino
ee CcrCcr Cremello

Dun gene, dominant. D / d
E– aa D– Grulla
E– A– D– Dun
ee D– Red Dun

Silver Dapple gene, dominant. Z / z
E– aa Z– Silver Dapple (Chocolate Palomino)
E– A– Z– Silver Dapple Bay

Champagne gene, dominant. Ch / ch
E– aa Ch– Classic Champagne
E– A– Ch– Amber Champagne
ee Ch– Golden Champagne

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