Taking Care Of Your Horse

Usually horses are many different colors. Some can vary from the beautiful color pure white to a pitch black. It usually depends on the condition of the horse? If you own a horse that is pure white, that probably means you are a very good groom and love to take care.

Now on the other hand, a disgusting horse that has a gross smell, poor hoof condition, is probably not a horse that has a nice owner that loves it as much as the groom with the white horse on the other hand.

I once was washing the dirtiest horse at my stables. It took an hour and a half to clean this beast. He's 28 years old, and his owner never even comes to the stables. She pays the 500 dollar board fee every month, though! The day after I groomed Peanuts, a Morgan horse stallion, I came back to the stables to check on him and go for a ride. He was disgusting. This proves that if you need to always take care of your horse, no matter how much you need to take care of your horse. They are very hard! You also need the right equipment, riding gloves, tall show boots, riding coat, breeches, paddock boots, helmet, velvet usually for shows and plastic for everyday trail riding or training, half-chaps, whip, spurs, saddle, saddle pad, grooming tools, bridle, lead rope, halter, and many more. This usually ads up to thousands of dollars! Including actually BUYING the horse, which a good horse is usually 10,000 dollars? A cheap horse usually 1 thousand. This varies on the blood of the horse, show wins, and much much more. Depending on the owner. So like I had said before, unless you want to sit around all day on your couch, not caring for your horse, he/she would turn out to be the gross white horse like I mentioned.

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