The Asturcones, or Asturian ponies, small horses local to Asturias, have inhabited the Earth for the past 3000 years and, although at one point they were in danger of extinction, they were highly appreciated by the Romans.
Typical mountain horse; small but strong. Although not extremely large and attractive, they are very sober, fast and resilient. They can be distinguished by a white star on their forehead; their legs are also white.
One of the most peculiar features of Asturcon horses is that, differently to normal horses, when trotting they place their fore and hind leg of the same side on the ground at the same time instead of the legs from opposite sides; this helps them to adapt to abrupt mountainous terrain.
The main herds in freedom can be found in the Pedroriu and Sueve mountain ranges, although there are also some specimens that belong to breeders and private owners in other councils.
Currently, it is not considered a wild species, as the few specimens that can still be found belong, in most cases, to the Asturcon Pony Breeding Association.

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