American Warmblood

The American Warmblood is a powerful and balanced sport horse.



The ideal warmblood is powerful and balanced with good bone and elastic gaits. Sport horses of all bloodlines are accepted as long as they can qualify with the qualities and talents to progress though the levels in these traditional sports while remaining sound of mind and body. They are 16.1 hands high. All colors are accepted, mostly Bay. Well connected, harmonious proportion with correct muscling. Gradual uphill, well muscled topline. Noble, well-mannered and attentive horse exhibiting energy with good presence, tractable and willing. A forward drive that indicates generosity for performance. Eagerness to please, focused, calm yet attentive & obedient to their handler or rider. They excel in dressage, eventing, and show jumping. The American Warmblood Society is an International, non-profit Performance horse corporation founded in 1983, dedicated to the development of Sport horses from grass roots through the Olympic levels.

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