Altai Horse

The Altai is a horse breed developed over a long expanse of time and have been significantly influenced by the harsh continental climate and the conditions specific to the mountain taiga in which they were developed.

Формирование Алтайской породы


The typical Altai has a head that is average in length, and is large and somewhat coarse. The neck is fleshy, the back is long and slightly dipped, the croup is well developed, and the legs are short and properly set. Altai horses are chestnut, bay, black, gray, and sometimes pinto.

This breed that was bred in the Altai Mountains is well adapted to its harsh climate. They were bred for a strong heart, lungs, muscles, and tendons along with very hard feet. They are also sure-footed over steep mountain trails. The Altai is well adapted to year-round pasture grazing. Crossing Altais with other breeds bring good results. (Wikipedia)

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