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Welcome to Equiki (Fading Twilight Equine Site). This site is specifically dedicated to the equine world.

The Equine World is full of diverse information that needs to be brought out under one roof, a roof that will be the ultimate information location, a wiki that anyone can add any information that he/she come by.

The urge to be with horses can take hold at any age. These spirited creatures gallop through ancient myths, favorite childhood stories, wishes, dreams, and drawings. For many people, the desire recedes over time, hiding in a secret corner of the heart, ready to leap forward, suddenly, when a movie, photograph, or painting triggers emotions too complex to voice, yet too important to ignore.

Those lucky enough to own a horse would seem to have a better understanding of this longing, this mysterious promise of an ancient freedom and an even more ancient knowing. Yet a living, breathing mare or stallion is often more of an enigma than an imaginary one. Answers to the questions that horses pose, silently, relentlessly, to the human soul have always hovered just outside the scope of reason1.


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